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20002 Roasted Turkey
20003 Country Style Pork
20004 Baked Ham
20005 Hearbed Fish Fillet
20006 Savory Roast Beef
20007 Southern Chicken
20008 Beef Patty
20019 Variety Pack

About Cafe Puree Meats

Each portion provides 21 g of protein.

Café Puree single serve meat entrees are designed to provide your facility maximum versatility, ease of use and reduce labor. They are the easiest to prepare and serve and can be cooked in a steamer, oven, on the stove top, retherm system or microwave.

Made with real food! No hidden MSG, egg fillers or mechanically separated meat! We use great ingredients and have visually appealing shapes to create a range of appetizing purees which deliver the look, the taste and the aroma to maximize patient consumption.


Our residents absolutely love Café Puree. Even our residents that are not being served these items have commented how lovely they look. We have gotten a lot of feedback from our staff from both the dining team as well as the nursing team that the residents are not only enjoying the flavor they seem to be eating more.We are using them now at least one of our three meals a day for our new cycle. Mike and Kelly have hooked us up with plenty of variety and its going very well.Thanks again for all your help with our latest advancements in ‘Creating the Dining Experience’.
Food Service Director LongTerm Care