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About Gelatein Plus

20 grams of protein and 150 calories in a 4 oz. cup

Gelatein Plus cups are great tasting high protein and high calorie gelatins that are ideal for clear liquid diets, pressure injury and the dysphagia diet or when ever extra protein and calories are needed.

Fresh fruit Lemon, Pineapple and Cherry flavors are a refreshing change of pace from milk-based chocolate vanilla and strawberry supplements while containing 2 to 3 times the amount of protein per serving.

Shelf Stable and Ready To Serve, Gelatein Plus gelatins deliver the most amount of protein in a 4 oz. serving.

•  Pressure injury and wound healing
•  Diabetic foot ulcers
•  Gastric surgery
•  Renal disease
•  Pre- and post-operative surgery
•  Chronic diarrhea
•  Cardiac malnutrition
•  Oncology
•  Fat malabsorption
•  Dysphagia
•  Protein malnutrition


I am a Dietitian for a regional hospital in Kent County, RI. We added Gelatein Plus about 8 months ago and our Dietary Staff uses it for a number of patients that need increased protein and increased caloric intake. The staff dietitians are all very happy with the results that they achieve by using Gelatein Plus and we recommend it to others as well.