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Minced and Moist Level 5 Entrees- NOW AVAILABLE!

Medtrition Cafe Turkey




As health care institutions continue the transition from the National Dysphagia Diet to the International Dysphagia Diet Standardization Initiative (IDDSI) we are challenged with the navigation and implementation from old to new. With that, comes an understanding about how things are similar and how they are different.

One big piece of the new IDDSI guidelines are the specifics involved in each level of classification. Moisture content, particle size, level of cohesiveness are all areas of assessment to determine if each food item aligns with the specific criteria for that level.

For Minced and Moist level 5 (which is similar to mechanical soft, ground), the following guidelines need to be met for an item to quality for the adult population:

  • Particle size needs to be 4×4 mm in width with no more than 15mm in length
  • Food item needs to have a specific moisture component to ensure it stays together on a spoon without rolling off
  • The food item should also easily slide off of a spoon when turned to the side to ensure it isn’t too sticky or stiff.

These specific instructions may make in house production of menu items a challenge because of the labor involved.

Medtrition recognized the need for support and has launched the Minced and Moist entrees in 4 delicious varieties to help easily meet the increased demand of this new dysphagia classification.  Medtrition Cafe minced and moist items are a heat and serve item, meaning no additional work is necessary to quickly and safely serve your patients.  Simply heat, stir and plate.

Want additional flavor options?  No problem.  Our minced and moist products were formulated with neutral flavor profiles for the option to add additional flavors to expand your menu offerings.  Chicken Alfredo, Pork Stir Fry, Bolognese Sauce are all great options to safely serve your dysphagia patients!  The choices are endless.


For more information on how Medtrition Cafe can fit into your dysphagia menu click the HERE


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