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Supply-Chains as Strong as Our Branched-Chains

In light of current global economic and logistics turmoil, we would like to reassure all our customers and the wider clinical nutrition profession that our supply chain continues to be as strong as ever.

Early on in the pandemic, our operations team and manufacturing plants increased our levels of packaging and ingredients along with finished product inventory on hand to meet any unexpected supply disruptions. Thanks to their efforts, all Medtrition products are held in stock, here in the United States, in ample quantities to meet our growing customer demand.

Using ProSource Alongside Other Products:

ProSource products are specifically designed to be used alongside other nutrition interventions. If you are struggling to meet your patient’s protein needs as a result of an enteral or oral nutrition product shortage, our range of modular ProSource products, as well as our Gelatein may provide a solution.  Paired with enteral formulas and/ or the proper oral diet, these products may work well as an alternative.

If you have any questions about this, or would like to talk to us about introducing any Medtrition product to consolidate the range you are able to offer your patients, please do not hesitate to contact your local Medtrition representative or email:

With our best wishes,


The Medtrition Team

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