Month: April 2016

Posted onApril 22, 2016

Medtrition Product Videos

Medtrition offers unique medical foods that improve outcomes and compliance while reducing cost of care and enhancing patient satisfaction. In support of our products we also offer tools to help our customers and patients quickly understand how and why our

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Posted onApril 20, 2016

Learn about high Protein Gelatin

  We have added a short 2 minute video to our Gelatein home pages highlighting the benefits of our sugar free Gelatein 20, high calorie Gelatein Plus and Gelatein Plus with MCT Oil.

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Posted onApril 13, 2016

Increase patient satisfaction with frozen thickened dairy

An article published the April 2016 edition of Today’s Dietitian stated that a key factor in successful dysphagia management is patient compliance and referred to a study in which 45% of survey respondents found that eating was no longer an

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