Month: June 2016

Posted onJune 24, 2016

High osmolality liquid proteins contribute to diarrhea.

We have long known that ProSource liquid proteins have the lowest osmolality of any liquid protein on the market. Why is this important: Because high osmolality products draw water into the gut and can contribute to osmotic diarrhea. This is

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Posted onJune 15, 2016

#1 Nutritional Solution to Diarrhea

Banatrol Plus is the #1 nutritional solution for treating diarrhea from C. diff, the side affects of oncology treatment, infectious disease, tube feed diarrhea and antibiotic use. High in soluble fiber it works by solidifying the stool, not by stopping

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Posted onJune 13, 2016

Meeting protein needs in ICU w/o overfeeding calories.

Most enteral formulas fail to meet protein (+/- carbohydrate) requirements of critical care patients without overfeeding, especially for patients receiving significant non-nutritional energy (NNE) from Propofol,  IV glucose and Continuous  Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT) fluid. A new published, peer-reviewed study

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