Month: September 2015

Posted onSeptember 30, 2015

#1 Modular protein supplement for ICU.

ProSource TF is the  #1 selling modular liquid protein supplement made exclusively for tube feeding use. Used by ICU’s in leading US and International hospitals. ProSource TF is a water thin, high quality liquid protein that can be administered through

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Posted onSeptember 9, 2015

The cost of diarrhea.

We often forget the total cost of diarrhea to the patients, nursing staff, dietary, physician and environmental services” Personal embarrassment and discomfort to the patient Decreased appetite Dehydration Malnutrition Increased use of fecal management devices, moisture barriers and incontinence supplies

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Posted onSeptember 8, 2015

Solving Diarrhea with Banana Flakes

Banatrol Plus is the number #1 selling natural anti-diarrheal for diarrhea and loose stools from C. diff, antibiotic use, enteral tube feeding and chemo therapy and radiation treatment. Banatrol Plus is a dual acting medical food containing two key ingredients;

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