Month: March 2016

Posted onMarch 28, 2016

Managing diarrhea with banana flakes

Banatrol Plus is the #1 selling natural anti-diarrhea medical food that stops diarrhea without stopping or slowing  gut motility. Diarrhea occurs most often secondary to medication, enteral tube feeding and/or C. diff infection and has great costs to the individual

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Posted onMarch 25, 2016

Modular liquid proteins for tube feeding

Replacing powder protein supplements with liquid proteins such as ProSource TF has multiple benefits besides just meeting the protein needs of patients.  ProSource TF for example has the same PDCAAS score of 100 as whey and casein powders, so the

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Posted onMarch 21, 2016

Pre-formed purees transforms the puree menu.

A customer using our Cafe Puree brand purees wrote to us that during a recent State inspection, the  surveyor commented  that she was extremely excited see the facility using Cafe Puree high protein pre-formed purees and was eager to know

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Posted onMarch 21, 2016

Is Banatrol Plus appropriate for a low potassium diet?

Is Banatrol Plus appropriate for patients on a low potassium diet? Banatrol Plus (120 mg potassium per pack) is considered a medium-potassium food (101-200 mg potassium per serving). In general, Banatrol Plus should be limited to 1 – 2 packs

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Posted onMarch 14, 2016

4 oz. thickened dairy reduces waste, improves compliance.

The American Dietetic Association recommends that long-term care facilities individualize residents’ diets to maximize meal intake of residents who are at nutritional risk. Residents who require thickened beverages (nectar or honey consistency) are at risk for inadequate overall fluid intake,

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Posted onMarch 2, 2016

Medtrition attends Critical Care Symposium in Panama.

The 8th Congress PANAMANIAN of Critical Medicine and Therapy Intensive and the 5th International Symposium of NEUROINTENSIVE Medicine was held from April 14- 18, 2015  in Panama City, Panama. This event was attended by 26 international teachers  from Argentina, USA,

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Posted onMarch 1, 2016

Protein supplementation is never a one size fits all.

Current literature shows that meeting the individual protein and calorie needs of patients is critical in improving outcomes. However, most enteral formulas and oral nutrition supplements are designed to meet “average needs” or a one size fits all approach. Our

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