Posted onFebruary 20, 2024

Citrulline Unveiled: a Key Ingredient in Expedite Explained.

From the desk of Dr. Nancy Collins, PhD, RDN, LD, NWCC, FAND You may have noticed that one of the major ingredients in Expedite™ is the amino acid citrulline. While you probably are familiar with arginine, you might not be

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Posted onFebruary 13, 2024

Unlocking the Healing Power: A Comprehensive Guide to Gut Health and Prebiotics in Clinical Practice

In recent years, there has been a growing recognition of the pivotal role that gut health plays in our overall well-being. Beyond its influence on digestion, emerging research has shed light on the intricate connection between gut health and various

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Posted onFebruary 9, 2024

Helping Patients with Wounds Meet Their Protein Needs

From the desk of Dr Nancy Collin, PhD, RDN, LD, NWCC, FAND Patients with wounds must consume an adequate amount of protein each day to build new tissue. If your patient is not consuming a well-balanced diet, chances are he

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Posted onJanuary 25, 2024

Sarcopenia and The Importance of Protein Intake

Sarcopenia, from the Greek word meaning “poverty of flesh,” is the degenerative loss of skeletal muscle mass and strength associated with aging. It is a component of the frailty syndrome and can be debilitating and even fatal for the elderly,

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Posted onOctober 4, 2023

Did you know- Amino Acids vs Protein?

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein.  They assist in many different bodily functions but the two are not interchangeable especially when it comes to nutrition declaration.  While amino acid contribution will impact nitrogen load, they are not part

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Posted onAugust 31, 2023

Osmolality and GI tolerance in modular nutrition

As clinicians we often assume that if a product has a high osmolality it automatically means the product or formula will be poorly tolerated.  It is important to recognize the difference between osmolality of a modular protein product and the

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Posted onJuly 14, 2023

Diarrhea and Tube Feeding: Solutions to the Challenges

  Diarrhea is common in the clinical setting, especially for the enterally fed patient.  While enteral formulas are often to blame we must recognize that isnt always the case.  Research published in 2021 in the journal of gastroenterology and hepatology

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Posted onMay 16, 2023

The Most Important Innovation in Wound Care in 30 years.

Expedite is a revolutionary new medical food that utilizes the latest scientific advancements in wound healing and is the most important nutritional innovation in wound management in over 30 years. Prolyl-Hydroxyproline (PO) and Hydroxyprolyl-Glycine (OG) are two dipeptides found in

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Posted onApril 22, 2023

ASPEN 2023

The American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition holds an annual conference each year.  In addition to research initiatives, hands on skills fairs, discussion from the worlds best clinicians in the clinical support world, we also have the passionate attendees

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