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Cafe Puree and the Low Sodium Diet

Dysphagia affects 1 in 25 Americans each year. While many require a modified texture diet we often aren’t considering other necessary diet interventions.   With the prevalence of heart disease continuing to rise in the US, a lower sodium diet is often required. But what happens when the two worlds collide?
As healthcare professionals your responsibility is to provide the safest intervention while maintaining compliance. Café Puree can do both.
Café puree provides the necessary therapeutic intervention for both the 2 gram sodium diet as well as the modified texture diet.  All Café puree items align with IDDSI level 4 puree and is considered a puree texture according to national dysphagia diet guidelines.
With over 35 items to choose from, Café Puree prides itself in providing a quality product using quality ingredient. Café Puree does not use egg fillers, mechanically separated meats or hidden MSG or MSG derivatives unlike its competition. MSG only contains about one-third the amount of sodium than that of table salt and Café Puree is still able to contain 25% less sodium then the competition with 20% more protein per entrée serving.
Taste. Texture. Clean Ingredients. Nutrition.
The choice is simple.


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