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Banatrol Plus in ICU- ESPEN POSTER SESSION 2020

Banatrol Plus has been used for years to help manage loose stool and diarrhea in a variety of clinical settings as well as at home.  We have found that the positive impact of the use of the product is an advantage to the challenges of many of the alternatives.  The above is a poster session that was presented at ESPEN last year showing the correlation between Banatrol Plus and a reduction in diarrhea.

The ICU observed patients between November 2018 and November 2019.  All patients admitted to the ICU >3 days that were on enteral feeding were given Banatrol Plus.  The observation suggested that 83% of the patients who received Banatrol Plus for >3 days experienced less diarrhea.  Compared to the 17% that did not when they were observed for < 3 days.  47 patients total were observed in this study.  Patients that had diarrhea were provided 2 packets (10.75 grams each) of Banatrol Plus per day.  Those without noted diarrhea were given 1 packet (10.75grams prophylactically).

Uncontrolled diarrhea in the critical care setting can be a challenge to manage and can often cause additional complications of care such as dehydration, reduction in nutrition intake and skin breakdown among others.  Banatrol Plus is a readily available product that can easily be given in all care settings (both orally and enterally) to assist in the management of loose stool and diarrhea.  Because it is a dual sourced soluble fiber, it also aligns with the ASPEN Critical Care Guidelines for diarrhea management (supplementation of soluble fiber).

Banatrol Plus is an easy and cost effective solution to assist with the management of loose stool and diarrhea in the clinical setting.


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