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Banatrol Plus Timing

The question of timing is often asked regarding the Banatrol Plus product.  Obviously we are looking for maximum benefit when taking the product but timing may be dependent on condition, administration and overall volume tolerance.

Banatrol Plus can be mixed with water, juice or soft food of your choice.  Banatrol Plus is typically recommended 3 times per day with a maximum recommended dose of 6 times per day.  Because Banatrol Plus is considered a medical food, it will have similar flexibility in how it functions with our eating patterns.

Consumption/ administration would be up to your discretion as stated on the package, but for maximum benefit we would recommend trying to consume it closer to your typical meal patterns with timing no more than 1-2 hours before or after each meal or as tolerated.

Banatrol Plus helps control loose stool and diarrhea related to a variety of conditions.  It can also safely be started at the first signs of a clostridium difficile infection (C.diff) because it does not stop gut motility.


For more information related to the product please visit the product page.  Banatrol Plus Product Page




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