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Dysphagia, Malnutrition and Wounds- Make the Connection

It’s no secret that patients with swallowing difficulty often struggle with overall intake which can result in malnutrition.  Challenges with intake vary from fatigue to disliking the necessary texture modification and everything in between.  This can create a cascade of health problems; dehydration, constipation, weakness, muscle loss and pressure injuries to name a few.

A meta-analysis, which included 39 studies and over 31,000 participants published in 2022, evaluated the prevalence of dysphagia and the risk of various co-morbidities.  

The study found that patients with preexisting oropharyngeal were 2 times more likely at risk for developing malnutrition and/ or pneumonia and 4 times more likely at risk for developing a pressure injury (ulcer). 

With odds like that you would hope there are options to help these patients? 

Expedite Cup is a once-a-day, 2 ounce, pre-thickened cup that combines the power of highly concentrated dipeptides and L citrulline to aid in the healing process by stimulating fibroblasts directly at the wound site and driving nitric oxide production.  This is the only therapeutic nutrition product to support wound healing on the market that is designed with the dysphagia patient in mind.  Expedite cup is spoon/ pudding thick and IDDSI level 4 extremely thick even at room temperature.  Expedite cup provides a solution both clinicians and patients love!

Banda KJ et al. Gerontology. 2022;68:841–853.












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