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Prebiotics are a food source for beneficial bacteria in the gut

Each packet of Banatrol Plus contains 2.75 grams of Bimuno, a prebiotic transgalactooligosaccharide, which is a food source for the beneficial bacteria that reside in the gut or colon. Unlike probiotics, prebiotics are not live bacteria/fungal spores so they are not destroyed or digested in the stomach or intestine or destroyed by antibiotics. Peer reviewed, double blind published clinical studies show that Bimuno promotes growth of just the beneficial bacteria, which then proliferate at a much faster rate than harmful bacteria, helping to restore normal gut flora.
Bimuno works naturally with the body to maintain and/or restore a healthy balance of bacteria within the GI tract that is lost because of aging, infection, laxatives, antibiotics, inadequate food intake, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy.
How Bimuno works:
1. Bimuno reaches the small intestine intact.
2. In the small intestine, it inhibits adhesion of GI-pathogenic bacteria.
3. In the large intestine, it is fermented by the specific beneficial bacteria (bifidobacteria). This leads to a change in pH balance, resulting in a positive change in the microflora.
4. This selective fermentation increases and strengthens the immunity-boosting bifidobacteria.
5. The resulting increased NK cell and phagocytic activity produces a direct positive effect on the innate immune system.
6. An increase in anti-inflammatory cytokines and decrease in pro-inflammatory cytokines produce a positive effect on the adaptive immune system.
The advantage of Bimuno is its ability to enhance the growth of only the good bacteria. Other prebiotics such as FOS can be used as an energy source by both good and bad gut bacteria. Bimuno’s chemical structure is designed similar to a lock and key that match the shape of the good gut bacteria so only they can digest it.
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