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The Indirect Cost of C. Diff diarrhea.

As clinicians you know the direct cost of a C. diff outbreak is expensive in terms of nursing time, environmental services, medications, and testing as well as patient discomfort and embarrassment.  But the example reported below shows that the indirect cost of C. diff infection to a facility can be well beyond the direct cost.
A 100 bed skilled facility with over 300+ independent living apartments in the surrounding community had a C. diff outbreak with over 40 residents infected. The outbreak was so bad that the facility could not take any new Medicare admissions from either outside or from inside their independent living facility for nearly 3 weeks! In addition, anyone from outside the skilled facility was barred from coming into the rehabilitation center for therapy. As you can imagine, this resulted in a significant loss of revenue for the facility and affected even those without C. diff.
When the facility tracked down the source of the C. diff infection, they discovered it was brought into the skilled nursing unit from a resident in their independent living center. This is a real example of how a bacterial infection can easily snowball and why Banatrol Plus, which is clinically proven to shorten the time and severity patients experience diarrhea from C. diff,  can and should be used throughout both the skilled and resident communities as soon as C. diff is suspected.
Laboratory confirmation of C. diff infection results are not immediate, even in acute care and can take several days in LTC, delaying intervention and allowing for the spread of infection and skin breakdown. Banatrol Plus can and should be started when C. diff infection is first suspected to safely manage loose stool, reduce loss of nutrients and revenue.

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