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Banatrol Plus helps control symptoms associated with C. Diff

Clostridium difficile is an  infection that kills nearly 30,000 people annually and sickens hundreds of thousands more.
Banatrol Plus helps control diarrhea from C. diff infection two ways:

1) the soluble fiber in Banatrol is clinically proven to reduce the severity and time patients experience diarrhea  without stopping or slowing gut motility and

2) Bimuno prebiotic provides a food source that feeds only the beneficial bacteria in the person’s gut, thus restoring the balance of the individual’s flora.

Banatrol Plus is a safe, natural intervention tool to help manage the symptoms related to C diff infection.


Banatrol Plus is the #1 natural anti-diarrhea solution  for diarrhea from C. diff, antibiotics, tube feed and the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

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