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Diarrhea and Tube Feeding: Solutions to the Challenges


Diarrhea is common in the clinical setting, especially for the enterally fed patient.  While enteral formulas are often to blame we must recognize that isnt always the case.  Research published in 2021 in the journal of gastroenterology and hepatology found that 37.3% of the patients on enteral feeding had diarrhea.  With nosocomial diarrhea  being attributed to medication, enteral feeding formula and C diff most commonly.  While it may not always be the formula, there is no doubt that diarrhea can be a challenge and a big problem if not addressed correctly.  Diarrhea can cause issues with dehydration, skin breakdown, infection, electrolyte imbalances,  among others.  This can increase complications with the patient as well as cost and length of stay if not properly controlled.

Banatrol TF provides a natural solution to help manage loose stool and diarrhea in the enteral setting.  The product contains 5 grams of fermentable soluble fiber per 60mL packet.  2-4 packets will align with the ASPEN critical care guidelines for diarrhea intervention as well as prophylactic intervention for diarrhea and overall gut health. 

The product is ENFit compatible so it requires a simple 1,2,3 approach:

Open, Attach and Squeeze.


Diarrhea management for tube fed patients has never been easier.

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