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Glycerin containing Modular Liquid Proteins Promote GI Intolerance.

Does your liquid protein contain a sugar alcohol called Glycerin?

  • Glycerin is used to add calories while maintaining a ‘sugar free’ claim. However glycerin is high in osmolality and modular proteins that contain it can have an osmolality in excess of 3,500 mOsm/kg of water and as high as 6,000! Even if the product is diluted with water 2 to 1, the osmolality can still be in excess of 3,000 mOsm. 

  • Some modular liquid proteins contain as much as 10 grams of glycerin. Many liquid medications also contain sugar alcohols, such as sorbitol, so liquid proteins with glycerin along with medications only increases the potential for diarrhea in tube fed patients.
  • Glycerin, as with other sugar alcohols, promotes osmotic diarrhea in tube feed patients because it pulls water into the gut.
  • ProSource TF and the entire ProSource line of modular proteins have never contained glycerin. ProSource TF for example is virtually isotonic at 360 mOsm/kg of water; 10 times less than glycerin containing modular proteins.

The entire ProSource line of modular liquid proteins are the only national brand that do not contain glycerin which reduces the risk of GI intolerance. We think that is very important to know.

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