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Medtrition at ASPEN Clinical Nutrition Week

We have just returned from a very successful ASPEN Clinical Nutrition Week conference in Orlando. CNW is a scientific conference attended by medical doctors, nurses and RD’s who specialize in critical care and is a globally recognized event where the most current and cutting edge clinical studies and guidelines are presented. It is well attended by leading facilities across the USA and international markets.
Medtrition Booth at Clinical Nutrition WeekWorking our booth were  (left to right)  Dan McHugh, Ex VP and President of Medtrition International,  David Marks, President, Nancy Cunningham, our rep for northern Florida, Jose Rodriquez, President of BioProb PR, our exclusive distributor for Puerto Rico, Jaime Valencia, VP Marketing & Business Development, Medtrition Latin America and  Alfonso Lam, President, Medtrition Latin America.
We had an amazing turn out of national and international customers. It was an incredibly rewarding experience to meet so many of the major top 100 hospitals in the US and international customers using our products; customers  in the Middle, Greece, Puerto Rico, Canada and the UK. Latin America was especially well represented in terms of attendance and their participation and excitement at our booth was quite something to see. We were better prepared from a language and coverage capability to react to people stopping by our booth than any other company exhibiting; resulting in leads for our follow-up from 25 countries
If we had to sum up our week at ASPEN it would be this: We have best in class products in liquid proteins, high protein gelatins, natural anti-diarrheals, liquid fibers and pre-pureed, pre-formed purees. Sharing this presence and awareness has to become part of our story and our passion in everything that we do.

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