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See What Clinicians Are Saying About Expedite

Expedite is our new revolutionary nutritional wound healing product.  It pairs the power of concentrated dipeptides with the efficiency of L- citrulline.  Together they work to enhance collagen synthesis and drive nitric oxide production to fast track the healing process.  This 2 oz, ready to drink product combines the ease of use with the power of science to create the perfect product to heal wounds from the inside out.


Listen to what others are saying about Expedite:







“The product is simply amazing.”

-MD at vascular clinic


“We just had our wounds and weights meeting. One of the ladies is faithfully drinking the Expedite daily and the nurses told me that her wounds look great!!  The other lady is drinking the Expedite most of the time, she has had one small pinky toe wound that has healed and her other wounds are improving!”

-Clinician at healthcare facility


“wounds healing beautifully”

-Clinical Nutrition Manager at LTC facility


“Expedite is absolutely a no brainer to bring on” 

-Clinical Nutrition Manager at Acute Care Facility


“We love this product and want it right away”

RD team at an Acute Care Facility


“The “Expedite” product for wound healing is working well with our resident who has stage 4 sacral and calf ulcers for the past 10+ years. Both the sizes and the depth are shrinking at a good pace. The wound team members are pleased with his progress.”

Wound Care RD


The power of the product speaks for itself.  Clinicians love it because it works.  Patients love it because it’s easy to use.

Small bottle, BIG results!

To learn more about Expedite visit our website HERE



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